Patio and Deck Remodeling in Bellevue

Your outdoor areas aren’t just for looking at; they show who you are and how you live. At Belred Construction, our belief is that home should be an extension of you; with our expertise in patio and deck remodeling, we aim to help Bellevue homeowners enhance their outdoor living experiences and take full advantage of their outdoor living areas.

patio and deck remodeling

Make your dream outdoor space a reality.

Why Remodel Your Patio and Deck

Renovated outdoor spaces don’t just add beauty to your residence – they also can increase property values substantially and serve as an invaluable investment opportunity. Plus, having a beautifully constructed patio or deck provides the space you need to relax, entertain and create lasting memories!

At Belred Construction, we understand every home has a story to tell and take great pride in creating outdoor spaces that bring out this narrative. Our holistic approach to understanding our client’s vision sets us apart.

From our careful selection of premium materials and cutting-edge construction techniques, to end-to-end guidance that ensures a smooth journey from idea to outdoor masterpiece.

No Matter Your Service Need, We Are Here for You

Whether it is new deck installations, refurbishing worn out decks or an overall makeover that is needed, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored specifically for each of our customers’ needs.
  • New Installations: Our expert designers employ creative ideas and an in-depth knowledge of Bellevue architecture to bring your outdoor dream space to life.

  • Repair Service: While our west coast weather may be beautiful, its unpredictable seasons can wear even resilient installations down. Our services ensure your patio or deck remains beautiful throughout its seasons of use.

  • Replacements & Upgrades: As our styles change, so too do our desires. Whether your taste runs more toward modern designs or timeless classics, we are here to meet all of your replacement and upgrade needs.

  • Expertise In Aluminum Patio Covers: Go for durability with our rust-resistant aluminum patio covers that blend in seamlessly with any architectural style of home, offering long term elegance without compromise.

Bellevue Patio and Deck Excellence: The Belred Promise

When Bellevue residents think about expertly crafted patios and decks, Belred Construction stands out as the premier provider. Let’s explore all of our benefits that set us apart as leaders in Bellevue patio and deck construction:

  • Tailored Designs for Bellevue Homes: Our designs don’t just aesthetically please; they resonate with Bellevue’s architectural vibe as well. Whether it be waterfront property or hillside retreat, our experts know exactly how to highlight each Bellevue residence’s individual charm.
  • Experience Rooted in Bellevue’s Community: As long standing contributors to Bellevue’s home remodeling scene, our expertise extends far beyond mere construction. We know Bellevue well – its rich history, vibrant communities, and residents’ evolving aspirations all play an integral part of who we are as home remodeling contractors.
  • Remodels with Value in Mind: In Bellevue, where property values are on the rise, investing in a patio or deck remodel from Belred Construction is more than an aesthetic upgrade; it’s a smart financial move. Our projects not only enhance living experience but also significantly boost the market appeal of your properties.
  • End-to-End Bellevue Services: We aim is to deliver only exceptional deck and patio construction in Bellevue neighborhoods – from consultations through to finishing touches – because Bellevue residents deserve only the best and that’s exactly what we provide them with.

Join Us on Our Design Journey

From initial inspiration to final execution, we are by your side every step of the way. Our design process begins with an in-depth consultation to identify your needs before proceeding through mockups, revisions based on feedback, and transformation of your outdoor space.

  • Expertise In Aluminum Patio Covers: Go for durability with our rust-resistant aluminum patio covers that blend in seamlessly with any architectural style of home, offering long term elegance without compromise.
  • Concrete Patios: Unleash the versatility of concrete patios! Easy to install and customize, these durable surfaces can reflect natural stones’ elegance or brick’s rusticity while offering years of use.

  • Wooden Pergolas: Add a touch of nature with our wooden pergolas crafted from premium wood such as cedar or redwood, they bring a natural aesthetic into any outdoor setting while offering shade with plenty of sunlight and breezes flowing through them.

  • Paver Patios: Discover an exciting world of design possibilities with paver patios made of concrete or natural stone. Offering both durability and artistry in their construction, they promise an outdoor space that’s both safe and beautiful

Transformation with Belred Construction

Are you ready to transform your outdoor experience? No matter the challenge or vision you bring us, together we are certain of finding success! Join Belred Construction on an incredible renovation journey today.


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Patio and Deck faqs

The duration of any remodeling project varies based on its design complexity and specific homeowner requirements, but typically a standard patio or deck remodel generally takes between 2-4 weeks from start to finish with weather conditions in Bellevue considered and any permits or approval needed for completion.
Bellevue homeowners appreciate designs that complement the natural beauty of our region, such as features like built-in fire pits for cool evenings, pergolas for wetter weather days and plant landscaping that perfectly encapsulate Bellevue’s vibe.
We ensure minimal disruption to your surroundings, proper disposal of waste materials, and use environmentally responsible materials wherever possible – our aim is to enhance Bellevue homes without disrupting their natural charm.

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