electrical & plumbing

When it comes to electrical & plumbig remodeling a home, there are a few key steps that need to be taken to make sure everything is done properly and safely. One of those steps is the rough electrical and rough plumbing phases.

electrical & plumbing remodeling

Rough electrical

During the rough electrical phase, we'll create a plan for the electrical systems in your home. This includes figuring out where outlets, switches, and light fixtures will go, as well as what type and size of wiring we'll need. We'll also run all the wiring through the walls and ceilings before the drywall goes up, so it's easier to access. Once that's done, we'll install all the outlets, switches, and light fixtures, making sure they're all connected to the wiring and in the right place.

Your Safety is above all

It's important to note that both the rough electrical and rough plumbing phases should be done by qualified professionals. we'll make sure to follow the city's safety code and regulations. The city requires permits and inspection for plumbing and electrical work, so we'll make sure to get all the necessary approvals before proceeding with the final inspection.

bring it
up to code

Rough plumbing

The rough plumbing phase is similar, but instead of wiring, we'll be installing pipes, valves, and fixtures to bring water and waste removal to your home. This includes running pipes through the walls and floors, installing valves and fixtures, and connecting them to the main water and waste lines. We'll also make sure that the drainage and venting systems are installed properly.


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