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If you are unhappy about the outdated kitchen you are cooking in, it’s time to move on and redesign your kitchen that best fits your style. If you like cooking, you spend a significant portion of your life in the kitchen. So, leave no chance of getting unhappy when you enter there. You can always pick the latest and most popular designs, appliances, and colors to get a luxury kitchen.

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Bellevue Premium Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling home or a part of it is the discussion that almost everyone makes every 10-15 years. Sometimes it’s about kitchen remodeling; sometimes bathroom, and sometimes it can be the garage. However, there certainly comes the point in everyone’s life when we need a house remodeling contractor to repair the home or make it look more luxurious.

When renovating the kitchen, there are several reasons to call a kitchen remodeling contractor. Let’s see some of the most common and vital reasons to answer the question – why should you remodel your kitchen?

Start to Finish Bathroom in Seattle

Start to Finish Bathroom in Seattle

Redmond kitchen island with seating

Redmond kitchen island with seating

Bellevue Custom Design Bathroom

Bellevue Custom Design Bathroom

Open White Kitchen in western Seattle

Open White Kitchen in western Seattle

From Scratch to Finish Renovation Bellevue WA

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Bellevue Remodel living room into kitchen

Peace begins with a comfortable home. And what best way to start your day with peace & happiness than the joy of a luxury bathroom? Whether new construction or remodeling an existing bathroom, Belred Construction can be your best choice for desired results. Our professional team helps you from start to finish by understanding your requirements and providing the best design solutions & construction material.

Upgrade to your growing family’s needs!

With a growing family, you may notice that your kitchen lacks a breakfast bar or is not big enough to host a small dinner. You need an upgrade if your kitchen is too small to accommodate your family’s needs. It might be to increase the storage area, fit a bigger refrigerator, or have more countertop space for preparing meals. There can be many reasons, and whichever fits your situation, you can fix it with the right kitchen remodeling contractor.

A well-designed bathroom can offer the comfort that relaxes your body and rejuvenates you for the day. And it begins with the right design. At Belred, we provide start-to-finish bathroom remodeling & construction services with our in-house professionals that help you from designing a luxurious bathroom to making it a reality.

When it comes to designing & constructing a new home from scratch or your kitchen and bathroom remodeling, Belred Construction is the one-stop solution for all your requirements. From raw material to expert supervision, we have everything covered for you. 

The approach to taking every project with utmost significance makes Belred Construction a unique player in the market. Unlike other construction contractors, who fix the cost for everything (raw material+finishing material+labour) in advance and limit clients to a fixed scope, we only charge for the raw materials and delivered services. So, you will never pay more than promised.

At Belred Construction, we believe in providing our clients with all possibilities in choosing the finishing material. So whether you want a luxury kitchen and bathroom, or a simplistic design for your bedroom, we keep the outer look your favorite. All we do is share the list of the finishing materials needed, split into weekly/bi-weekly milestones. And don’t worry; we do not leave you alone and dry but assist you the best when purchasing the finishing materials.

We proudly call ourselves a start-to-finish construction company with an in-house team of certified & experienced consultants, project managers, engineers, electricians, plumbers, painters, and construction workers. So whether you want to build a new home or remodel your kitchen and bathroom, we help you from planning to finishing.

In the USA, building practices are mostly uniform throughout the country due to building codes. And most contractors sub-let different jobs to other parties while constructing your house. However, at Belred Construction, you get the building companions that help you from planning to purchasing material and from construction to finishing.

Our highly qualified team dedicates full-time to your project to finish it on time. We work on all installation jobs – electrical fittings, plumbing, doors & windows, flooring & roofing, etc. So, contact us today to get the most reliable services if you are planning a luxury bathroom and kitchen remodeling or building a new home from scratch.

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Do you think you have a valid reason to remodel your kitchen? If the answer is yes, you need to consult the experts who can guide you from bottom to top. You might need a remodeling contractor who can provide an experienced construction team of designers, engineers, painters, plumbers, electricians, and all others to get the work done on time. 

At Belred Construction, we provide from scratch to finish construction and remodeling services with our in-house experienced, and qualified team. Contact us today for any type of luxury kitchen remodeling work.

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I’m so happy with how my home looks now. Chen and his team, Belred Constructions, helped me redesign my kitchen, great room, and bathroom. I like how the whole team works in sync and deliver what is asked of them. I recommended them to one of my colleagues, and he was also quite happy with their work

John Harris

It was our second project with Belred Construction. Last time they did the bathroom remodeling that we liked so much. So, when we had to redesign our kitchen, Belred Construction was undoubtedly our first choice. He orchestrated the entire project flawlessly and finished the job well before the deadline.

Alex Joan

Belred Construction is a fantastic team of highly skilled and punctual people who do their job professionally. We are so glad to choose Belred Construction for our kitchen remodeling job. Finally, we have got the luxury kitchen we have desired for a long time. And they finished the job on time. I will always recommend them!

Aleen Valzac

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