Frequently Questioned Answers

Some Important Answers from BelRed Construction

There are different remodeling techniques that you can opt for your place.

   1. Do it yourself (DIY)

  • You can find a professional designer using Craigslist
  • Find plumber, electrician, painters, and others separately
  • Purchase material on your own 


  2. Hire us and have peace of mind!

  • No need to worry about hiring separate professionals
  • No hassle throughout the process
  • Professional support and guidance

There are two ways how we calculate the project cost:

  • Labor & Material

In this type of project, we provide our customers with material as well as labor. The cost varies depending upon the quality of the material a customer prefers.

  • Cost of labor only (for customers purchasing material themselves)

In such scenarios, a customer purchases material, and we provide the labor. However, we always guide our customers to get the best deals on materials.

We are a team of certified & licensed professionals. We get permits from the county and other authorities before starting any project to ensure everything is done right.